Friday, April 4, 2014

# Noona Cafe

Talking about cafe's here in Cebu, Many of those names are in Korean like play ground(cafe noriter),brother (oppa cafe),famous song of PSY (gentleman cafe) and cafe namoo and now there is a new cafe in town the "NOONA CAFE".

I was expecting that there will be a cafe named "noona cafe" and yes indeed.The place is very near to my university school.It is located at B. Aznar Rd. in Urgello Cebu City and it opens everyday from 10am to 11pm.

Unlike other cafe's that I've mention above the price is cheaper than I expected. They also have milk tea,cool aid, blended,foods etc. in lower price of course.

Now, talking about the ambiance of the place,It is almost same as the others but the color gives more life to the cafe,looks cute and girly for me...(I forgot to mention that the word noona in korean is older sister..) thats why it looks girly.... 

The place

Our order

egg toast

 Banana Split

 Waffle Ice cream

 blended cookey & cream oreo

 holding their milk tea

My body guard... hahaha

Cute ^^ 

"dream and discover"

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