Monday, November 4, 2013

# Mountain View Nature's Park - Cebu

Location: Sitio Garage, Busay, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Entrance Fee: Php 50.00

= private car
= taxi
= motorcycle

        One of the easiest way to go there is by car but if you don't have private car you may look for a taxi.Taxi is quiet expensive because most of them don't use the meter since the place is far up hill to take you there and its better to negotiate in order to get a cheaper price.If you really want an adventure,you may ride a motorcycle that cost you less for about Php 50.00 each but be careful because they don't have any helmet for you.

         I have been to this place many times but I never feel bored probably because the place is so relaxing and its a good place to unwind.

          The moment you arrive, you will see a security guard at the waiting area for you to get the entrance ticket and pay for Php.50.00 each and your journey begin.

Note::: girls!!! don't wear heels!!! would take you long in going up since its quite high.

         I tried wearing heels because I am not tall enough..LOL and I didn't expect how painful my foot was but still I manage to pose...hahaha
                                                      (7/11...future model)

Room Accommodation:::  

Aircon Cottages: Regular (4 pax) - Php 1,200

                              Executives (2 pax) - Php 1,200
Non- Aircon Cottages: Native (2 pax) - Php 500.00 - 700.00
                                       Native (4 pax) - Php 1,000
                                       Family room (4 pax) - Php 1,500

Barn ==Php 1,000.00 (good for 50 pax)
Cross     ==Php 2,000.00 (good for 50 pax)
Canteen ==Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)
Sunken ==Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)
Balusters ==Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)

Check Out Time: 12:00 noon

Central Park A ==Php 1,000.00 (good for 40 pax)
Central Park B ==Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)
Central Park C ==Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)

Chico Bldg 1st Floor ==Php 1,500.00 (good for 100 pax)
Chico Bldg 2nd Floor ==Php 1,200.00 (good for 100 pax)
Chico Bldg 3rd Floor ==Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)

Note: Prices are subject to change w/o prior notice.

swimming == add Php 100.00 entrance fee
sightseeing == just pay the entrance fee Php 50.00
rope course == add Php150.00 

adventure obstacle race == add Php 150.00


    That was tuesday when we decided to chill in here and fortunately a lot of vacancies so the management told us that it was okay not to rent the place since we're just few.WOW!!!amazing....

Remember!!! to refuse an offer is a BIG insult!!! grab the opportunity!!

(karaoke for php 5.00 per song)

                  We did it!!!! we had a perfect day indeed!!!! yey ^__^

I visited the place again with my friend and this time for sightseeing. Hope you will enjoy it!!

Thanks for droppin by and living some message would me more grateful!! ^^ 


  1. hello, do you have their updated contact numbers?

    1. so sorry for the late reply..... but as of now, I don't have any updated numbers.

      anyway, you can visit there anytime you want coz they have lots of rooms available.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing this valuable & informative information. I must say that you have done a commendable job with it! Keep it up!! Mountain View Accomodation | Mountain View Guest House

    1. my pleasure..... :)

      thanks for the comment.

      Have a nice day ahead...

  3. hello i actually want to visit again the place and i want to use the motorcycle transportation, do you have any contact number for the motorcycle guys to refer for me??? :)