Wednesday, January 29, 2014

# Ice Giants (desserts and snacks)

Location: The Strip across UNO in Provincial Capitol

Branch:City Times Square in Mandaue City

Operating hours: 10am-11am (daily)

Wifi: soooon~~~

                    Ice Giants is finally here in CEBU!!!!! 

Definitely people loves to eat desserts and snacks especially HALO-HALO and take note...SUMMER is coming...hahaha

Iced Giants is commonly known for its huge HALO-HALO and its perfect for the group to spend their leisure time a sort of bonding moments.

Desserts...Snacks... and even some meals can be found in their menu.

We want to try the huge halo-halo but unfortunately we were just three and we can't finish it because the huge halo-halo is good for 6-8 people or it depends on their appetite.So we just order single halo-halo and the prices start at P98 - 500.

 Platter Fries at P150.00

and a nice "selfie'S" ......... ^ _ ^

'til next time... xoxo ^^ 

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