Tuesday, September 24, 2013

# Malabuyoc,Cebu

Malabuyoc is a fifth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Reaching the town is about 4 hours from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City.It was my first time to travel 4 hours going to southern Cebu by bus.Unplanned visit was totally memorable.

Transportation: Bus 
Fare: About P140


We took the bus around 8pm and arrived at 12midnight,this was also the last trip so we were so glad that we arrived on time.LOL
Unfortunately since we traveled at night we couldn't even see any view outside the window so sounds boring and sleepy.I do believe in this idiom" it never rains but it pours", why? because aside from that all the seats were been taken and those men sitting seems they don't care to see us that we're in our difficulty and it made us mad.Anyway,we don't want to ruin our day so we just talk,laugh and eat.

Finally,We arrived safe!!!
The house of my friend was just along the side of the road.The excitement made us alive when we went inside the house.We ate,drank alcohol,karaoke etc.

When the sun rises,We visited one of the public beaches in Malabuyoc and explore.

"feeling model...LOL"

"low tide"

members of the "charlie's angels" hihihi

When the sun sets,We visited some of the places that is known in Malabuyoc. The old church and Freedom Park.

"Malabuyoc old church"

"Freedom Park"

The long day was over and the experience was impressively splendid.

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