Friday, November 22, 2013

# Food Trip = "S2" Sbarro and Savory

         After all the tremendous happening around us still Filipino's have this positive and strong spirit to recover from any disasters and calamities.We have to stand and move on because there's always a new life awaits.

          I found a news from this website and it says "Prophet Cindy Jacobs is making news after a video of a prediction she made in 2009 about the Philippines has gone viral following a devastating typhoon battering the nation."

"She adds, “This is a time God is going to pull down the spirit of corruption, and God is going to release the spirit of truth and righteousness into this nation, because righteousness exalts a nation. The Lord has given many promises for the Philippines. I mean, the Philippines is going to be one of the wealthiest nations on the earth. The spirit of poverty will be broken.

I was moved by this news, Anyway I love to share it to you.

In connection with that my friend and I deserve something positive since it was a good news for us Filipinos.We decided to have a food trip without taking "SELFIE " photos.LOL 

First, We went to Sbarro in Ayala to eat lasagna and macaroni with our favorite garlic bread.hihihihi 

It was a good lunch indeed!!!! after it we headed to SM cebu for window shopping and when dinner time struck our guts started to growl and craving for chicken so we decided to eat in Savory Restuarant.

Here's our order:

Lomi :: PHP 35.00

Affordable E-meal #3 :: php 109.00

Affordable E-meal # 4 :: php 109.00


   Just try for one day,forget your problem,forget your diet,and everything...just enjoy^^ .hahaha

What an amazing day we had....... @_@ 

Do you have any good news???why not share to us, it will be great! 

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