Tuesday, July 15, 2014

# Dong Juan @ Calyx I.T Park

Hi, Everyone..... I know that it has been a month since my last post but no worries because I'm doing my very best to update you as much as I could.Most posts I have in here are all foods.... foods here, there and everywhere, And I noticed that I'm getting some weights... :( OMG!!!!!

Let's be practical!!! hehehe

We have to admit that we really love to eat but hoping not to gain weights ....which in fact it is IMPOSSIBLE! unless, you have to go to gym and do some exercise to avoid it.

Just recently,I tried to go to Abellana Sport Complex to jog, do some aerobics etc. and trying not to eat fatty and oily foods.So, I'm crossing my fingers to lose weight. hahahaha

Unfortunately, This is not forever.... I'll die not eating some rice... hehehe
so, on weekends I have my cheat days.yehey!! 

Anyway, My friends and I decided to eat our lunch here in Dong Juan since this is their treat for my Birthday.Ehem! (Thank you guys)

I love their RIBS.......





the people behind this pegging moment.

I highly recommend their ribs..... I like it much!!!! If you have plan to go there,don't forget to include this in your order.


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