Tuesday, August 20, 2013

# Duz Grill

One afternoon,My friends and I decided to visit a new place near I.T Park Asiatown,Apas Lahug. A friend of mine suggested "Duz Grill".

Location: 33A fourth(4th) Street San Antonio Village,Apas Lahug,Cebu City

Contact No.: 0939-9369103 / 401-9012
                      (Reservation is highly needed)

1.private car = they have a parking space inside. ^^

3.jeepney = any of the three 17B,17C or 17D going to Apas,Lahug and ask the driver to drop you off at the 4th st. then walk straight and turn right to see the blue gate.

          According to my friend (Tiff) the place is simple yet so elegant.So I can't wait to see it.It was quite difficult to locate the place since they don't have any signage outside.Anyway,Tiff knew the place.

I couldn't imagine how simple the gate was and I asked myself, are we at the right place? ^^

I was fascinated to see the view inside the "Duz Grill".A good place to chill.

Afternoon view

Evening view
(photo is not mine)

Tiff recommended to us that duz grill ribs and burger were best.The good thing about reservation is everything are all set.

"the cute menu"

spicy ribs|| php 180

Burger (original) || php 80

Iced tea || php 25

The place is convenient and at the same time the food is palatable and  affordable.

          Captured the sweet smile,moments and happiness.

Cherish every moment and bring all the good memories forever.^^

 See you @__@


  1. Wow!!! Stunningly beautiful ladies and hunky guys!!!

  2. so kind of you ms malu ^_^

    thanks for leaving a wonderful message.

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