Friday, January 3, 2014

# Country Basket

Location: Across JY Square Supermarket, Lahug 

Wifi: Sooooonnn~~~~ 


            It feels good to be back!!!! after a month of silence.Now, I'm breaking it....

            I envy those bloggers who spent even a little time just to post something for there readers before and after Christmas but I failed do it.
So sorry (my fault) :( 

            Anyway, lets stop this drama!!! hehehe... Lets just welcome the 2014 with a positive mind!!! 

            After New Year,Time to go back to work and do the same stuffs again but make sure you already written your new year resolutions for this year.

             I'm looking forward to make this year better..... ^^ 

My friends and I went to country basket to have some chocolates before we start dieting... hahaha (fingers crossed!!!) 

Our first photo for this year!!! 

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