Friday, July 24, 2015

#L Cafe - Apas, Lahug Cebu City

Need a break????

Well, If you're a bit sick and tired thinking about work,school, and relationship.
you truly need a break and give time for yourself.

Being alone sometimes doesn't means you're lonely, We just need alone time to think things over.(ehem!)

I found a place that is near to my workplace and I find it relaxing and cozy.It is located beside Alba Uno Hotel.They're open from 7am to 10pm but I forgot if they're open on Sundays.Prices are reasonable and food is delicious.

worry about WI-FI??? 

worry no more coz they have it.... hehehe

they're perfect together.... especially during rainy season...

my all time favorite "clubhouse sandwich".....yumyum!!


that's all for now folks....

P.S: you may share your L Cafe experience with me here...

XOXO ^__^

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