Monday, March 16, 2015

#Palawan Escapade - El Nido (Tour C)

Day 4
The most awaited tour and last day in the island.So, even we did not start our tour yet but I'm already missing it.Time flies so fast and have to say goodbye to this beautiful paradise.Well, of course .. .I'll visit you anytime soon. (crossing fingers)

It feels so good if you're away from the city and have sometimes chilling in this place.leave your problems behind and enjoy the precious moment that this island can give.

In my mind, I want to stay longer but I can not .... have to go back to work ... :( 

Anyway, lets move on ...

It was mentioned to us by some strangers we met that this is totally amazing.We are curious about it but we tend not to know the details because it might not be interesting anymore.

Tour C

First on the list .....

"Helicopter Island"

there is no justice in my photo to show you that it looks closer to a helicopter but some photos in  Google  have it. (just checked)

"Hidden Beach"

Supposedly, this place is included in our lists, but we can not go there because there is a reality show happening at the moment.So, if you're familiar with this segment  "SURVIVOR" they rent the place for awhile.There is no alternative place for this ... so we headed to a nearby island to have our lunch.

these people were so friendly ... we kept on waving our hands just to say Helllooooo ... and they did the same way ....
It was fun though....hehe

Lunch time ~~~~~

I'm so in love with this place .......

After lunch ...
next stop

"Matinloc Shrine"

little ghost bump here .... ieeee

this place is used to be a seminary for nuns and priests where they believed that Mother Mary appeared here.

from secret lagoon to hidden beach ...
now they have also

"Secret Beach"

why is it secret ???? Well, there is a hidden gems inside it ... and must visit!

It's 8 meters deep and all you have to do is to swim directly to a small hole right over there .... do not be scared if you do not know how to swim because the tour guide will help you and wear your life vest in order not to get drown.
(Just like we did) hehehe

here it is !!!!! 

see ?????? The hole is just right there .....
its 8 meters deep ...

taddaaaaa ~~~~

TIP: careful with the rocks, its quite slippery...

and last but not the least .....

"Star Beach"

fishes and starfishes are waiting ...

~~~ So beau-ti-ful ~~~ ~~~~
isn't it ????

she had a great time ....


I hope you have a great time too ...

thank you guys for this wonderful adventure !!! > '' <

cannot wait for the next ...

toodles ... ^^

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