Friday, March 6, 2015

#Palawan Escapade - Puerto Princesa

I'm still floating on cloud nine, so I do not how to start writing my 5 Days, 4 Nights in 1 Island.I'd like to tell everyone that it's my first time to be in Palawan.Now, I am so Ultimate excited to share my  experience with you guys especially for those who are planning to visit the place anytime soon.

From Cebu to Puerto Princesa takes about an hour and 25 mins by plane.Most passengers with us are foreigners and it's quite advantage for us Filipinos to mingle with them and quite disappointing too, because of their armpit and body smell ... sorry to say this ... just want to be honest .. :( 
we hardly can not breath ... hahaha (I considered this a funny experience though)

Anyway ..... lets proceed .....

touchdown Palawan !!! ...

Hello Palawan ....

I was amazed when we went out from the airport and saw these groups dancing to welcome us in their city.Nice one !!

Now, I can feel the fresh air .... lol 

and as you can see ... there are people at the back holding some papers or small board with our names on it.These people will send us to our hotels.

So, we are now heading to our Hotel

Then after a quick change ,,,, It's time to start our first activity of the day ....

Enjoy ^^

City Tour

1.Crocodile Farm

2.Baker's Hill

3.Ranch Mitra

             Since we arrived late in the afternoon for our city tour, there were few places that we could not visit and take some photos due to the time restraint.We Baywalk and saw the Cathedral but we were just inside our van and it was 6: 00 o'clock in the evening.Plaza Cuartel was supposedly included in our tour but we have to go back to our hotel. :( 

4.Plaza Cuartel / Baywalk

 photo not mine

 photo not mine


 photo not mine

6.Souvenir Shop