Monday, March 9, 2015

#Palawan Escapade - Underground River

Underground River
Sabang, Puerto Princesa

At exactly 5 in the morning, we are already wide awake because we can not wait for our  underground river experience.Our van will pick us up at around 7 am,so we have to eat our breakfast before we leave in our hotel.

From the hotel to the underground river takes about 2 hours by van and after an hour we have 15 to 20 mins break for sight-seeing, buy some souvenirs and of course to spend little time in the toilet.hehe

So here we are ......

Along with us is our very cute and energetic tour guide ... Raymund aka MOWNIQQUE.The entire trip was full of fun and excitement.

Atlast, We arrived in Sabang port where we have to ride in a small open boat for us to take us to the port to underground river.From there takes about 15 to 20 minutes.But, mind you guys .... going to underground river is not as easy as what you and I think.Since they are in peak season now so expect that there will be a lot of people waiting for their turn so, never forget your boat number or else you can not ride on it.

Waiting takes a lot of time about 2 hours .... hmmm ... lol

So, our team decided to roam around the port, buy something to drink, buy some thing we need for our trip like hat, sunglasses, look for a place to sit and relax etc.

This photo is very amazing ... so if you have a creative mind then you can see what I want you to see ....

Can you guess ???
This photo shows a man lying down 
from the left you will see his face, especially his long sharp nose, the body and the private part .... hehehehe 

So, now you know !!! hahaha

Anyway, the port is quite small and we still have enough time to do other things so we just headed directly to our lunch.

with Ms.Rose, our tour guide during our city tour ..... She lives in Palawan for her entire life and she can speak Cebuano / Bisaya,  the dialect I am using.Why? because her parents are from Mindanao.

60% palawane├▒0 use Tagalog as their language and
40% palawane├▒0 can speak tagalog/cebuano because they came from different provinces in Visayas and Mindanao.

To all cebuanos out there ... its so easy to enjoy Palawan. :) 

Finally, We're here .......................
and I do not want to spoil you ... 
so, here ...
Enjoy :) 

How is it ????? 

Hope I can hear from you soon ....


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