Wednesday, October 2, 2013

# Camotes Island

The Heritage Map

Camotes Island is one of the islands in central visayas that is popular for tourist destination. Camotes Island was once known as the "Lost Horizon of the South". Camotes has seen increased visitors and tourism especially over the past 3 years and a growing expatriate community.

I was so excited when I got the chance to visit the place for the first time.I took the chance to stood near the port and pose for souvenir.(yay!!)

Now,How to reach Camotes Island from Cebu City by boat?

     From Cebu City, we headed to North Bus Terminal to ride a bus going to Danao Port and it costs about php 30.00 for 30 mins.In Danao Port, buy a ticket and be ready to travel approximately 2 hours.

Ticket price: php 180 (subject to change)

The boat from Danao usually go to Port Consuelo which it is located in San Francisco,Camotes Island. If you are looking for a transportation going to your destination, you will see multicabs or motorcycles along the port and pay for php 50.00 per head.

Since we only have limited time to stay in the island we only visited some famous places like the baywalk,lake danao,timobo cave,San Francisco Municipal Hall,Church,santiago white beach etc.

We rent a multicab for about php 1,500 and its quite expensive for me.Anyway, it is very helpful.



2.Lake Danao

3.Santiago White Beach

4.Timobo Cave

5.A private resort

6.Road Trip

And last but not the least!!! 

The Mangodlong Beach Resort.

***Standard Room for 2 pax is about php 1,200 / night inclusive breakfast.

 Welcome to my paradise!!! ^__^

(photo is not mine) 
Our room...

Restaurant and Billiard area

small playground

Coconut trees



(photo is not mine)
Night view @__@

I had a full blast weekend!!! I want to visit Camotes again  and again. hihihih :)

Hope you like it.!!!!

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